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  • Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Contact:Ms.Lu
  • Phone:15622513373 / 13809820145
  • Tel:+86 0769 8550-7435
  • Fax:+86 0769 8550-5434
  • Website:www.noobhaven.com
  • Alibaba:http://www.jtsj001.cn
  • Address:No. 65 Of Chiling Section,GuanTai Road,HouJie Town,DongGuan City
  • 10 years of industry experience strength

    Yoshida technology research and development center has accumulated more than 10 years of technology and experience, has now been invented, utility model, appearance and other patents more than dozens of patents.

    For a number of industries imported advanced quality testing technology and international advanced technology testing equipment for the domestic industry to enhance the technological level of products made a positive contribution.

  • Import foreign advanced technology to ensure product quality

    Yoshida presses from a technology research and development, manufacturing, process debugging, after-sales service in one of the elite team.

    All the equipment in the factory must undergo a rigorous trial production, commissioned by a qualified product before leaving the factory, but also to deploy technical staff for customers to install equipment debugging and technical training.

  • 生產塑料擠出成型
  • Won a number of national certificates, invention patents

    Certificate: access to a number of security management system certification

    Patent: access to a number of invention patent certificate

    Test Report: Product Authority Test Report

  • One-stop solution provider, so you worry-free

    Free program design and technical support, 5S service policy, so you no worries

    Long warranty period, three-year warranty, life-long service.

    24-hour customer service hotline:0769-8550 7435,Instantly provide you with a solution.

  • Industrial production machinery equipment
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    Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the economically developed, beautiful and rich Pearl River port, convenient transportation, supporting facilities, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, is the ideal manufacturing base. The company was established in 1999, mainly engaged in the development of plastic machinery, production and sales of professional manufacturers, the company mainly produces single screw, flat twin screw, cone twin screw, for a variety of materials granulation unit, all kinds of pipe, PE foam production line, PVC micro-foam door trim plate production line, high transparent PC, PMMA pipe profile production line, and PP, PE film broken, cleaning dehydration baking machine, Dry granulation complete sets of production lines.

    Company to the quality of the company, the credibility of this, pragmatic innovation, through the design and manufacture of the production line by the user's universal praise, professional technology, user-friendly design, so that every customer access to high-quality, low-cost Excellent product. The company abide by the quality, the first service after-sales purposes, responsible for the installation of training personnel debugging, so that the production more efficient and efficient production - this is our commitment, we Chengxin new and old customers visit guidance.

    Responsible for each product, for each user is responsible for the quality policy. After years of development now has a full range of production equipment, professional technical management personnel. And strive to get you high-quality, low-cost high-quality products. ...【View details】

    1Company News
  • [2019-11-16]【擠出機】螺桿擠出機的平時維護保養與檢修
  • [2019-08-30]【擠出機】螺桿轉動速度和螺桿背壓對ABS塑膠擠出...
  • [2019-07-31]【擠出機】粉末狀機械設備雙螺桿擠出機故障的造...
  • [2019-07-18]【擠出機】概述共擠出機器平膜和流延膜共擠出技術
  • [2019-07-07]【擠出機】螺桿背壓對ABS塑料擠出擠壓成型的影響講解
  • [2019-05-25]【擠出機】不容許空車運轉的主要原因有哪些
  • [2017-03-28]Single screw extruder principle and use
  • [2017-03-28]The composition of the rattan machine a...
  • 1Information
  • [2019-11-11]【擠出機】在擠出流程中的常見故障問題及處置方式
  • [2019-10-13]【擠出機】塑料管材擠出常見故障壁厚不均衡
  • [2019-09-09]【擠出機】節省成本髙速間接性金屬材料微型顆粒...
  • [2019-06-18]【擠出機】發泡擠出機的溫控系統改進及其特點
  • [2017-03-28]With a simple way to distinguish betwee...
  • [2017-03-28]Introduce the two kinds of suspension mechanism of the tractor
  • [2017-03-28]Two energy-saving points for the extruder
  • [2017-03-28]The composition of the rattan machine a...
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